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Traveling is Fun. Being Sick While Away From Home is Not!

AFC Urgent Care of Portland's travel health programs are cost-effective and convenient, and your one-stop destination for international travel medicine needs for you, your family, employees and groups.

STD testing is something that still seems a little taboo to discuss openly, but at Doctor's Express, we know that it's another essential part of making sure our patients are healthy.

Looking for a More Convenient or Accessible Physician for General Health Concerns? 

Our Portland, OR Primary Care Practice is a great option for people who are generally healthy but from time to time need to be seen for an illness or physical.

Get the Urgent Care You Need Right Now

More and more people in our neighborhood have figured out how convenient and affordable urgent care centers can be when they need quick medical care.

An Occupational Health program you can trust

Employee health care costs are more than just an expense for your business. Reliable medical care for employees is an investment.

Walk-In 7 Days a Week or Use Our Convenient Appointment Option!