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Urgent Care Beaverton OR.

Get the care you need right now.

If you need the services of a walk-in urgent care in Beaverton, Doctors Express of Portland is here to provide skilled and experienced care.

If you’re looking for a Beaverton urgent care center, the professionals at Doctors Express of Portland are ready to see you. You don’t need an appointment; you can come in and a licensed physician will be here to treat your illness or injury.

We have a fully-equipped lab right here at our facility, which gives us the added advantage of being able to get fast results for you. Our lab is equipped for such procedures as:

  • Blood tests for signs of anemia or infection
  • Urine tests for drugs, infection, and pregnancy
  • Throat or mouth cultures for the flu or strep throat
  • Chemistry tests to check for signs of electrolyte imbalance, impaired liver function, or dehydration
  • EKG to test for heart abnormalities

We don’t rush you in and out here; you’re given the thorough and focused treatment you need and deserve at our modern facility. You’ll always be seen by a licensed physician who is supported by an experienced staff of professionals.

If you need the services of a walk-in clinic in Beaverton, you’ll get top-quality care at Doctors Express of Portland. We accept most health insurance plans, and for those without insurance we offer reasonable fees. Wait times are short here! Call us or visit our clinic today.