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    Suffering From Bronchitis?

    See a Provider for Your Cough Today

Are You Experiencing One or More
of These Symptoms?

  • Dry or mucous-producing cough most days, or a cough that returns
  • Thick, greenish mucus, especially with a strong odor
  • General feeling of fatigue or tiredness
  • Hoarseness or wheezing when breathing
  • Chills and/or a mild fever (usually less than 101°F)
  • Shortness of breath or chest pain

Acute or Chronic Bronchitis?

Bronchitis occurs when the body’s bronchial tubes become inflamed—resulting in swelling, excess mucus production, and an accompanying cough. If symptoms become severe or turn into a chronic problem (a long-term condition including a mucous-producing cough most days of the month for at least 3 months), see a healthcare professional. Stop in to see a board certified provider at Doctors Express Portland today.

Get Walk-in Care at
Doctors Express Portland

To get immediate treatment for bronchitis, simply book an appointment online, or walk in and be seen within minutes.

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